Casino Nite - Saturday, May 20, 2017

Casino Nite is experiencing the energy and excitement of a Las Vegas Casino without losing money or anything else of value.


Each guest is given a predetermined amount of Funny Money to gamble with. The Funny Money is exchanged for game chips at a casino table of their choosing. More money is available for purchase if you run out. The object is to have lots of fun and win as much money as you can.


During the evening if you would like to take a break from the gaming tables, you can take a walk around and check out the silent auction and raffle tables. Or maybe one of the other non gambling games or 50-50 raffles might interest you. If you get hungry and need something to snack on, there will be light appetizers to munch on during the evening. A DJ will also be providing music.


At the end of the night, we will find out who won the most chips in funny money gambling and that person will receive a gift for his or her efforts. We will also be calling out the winners of the silent auction and raffles tables.


This is what Casino Nite is all about. It is a fun filled evening for adults to gamble a little, eat a little, drink a little, talk and laugh a little, but a raffle or two, and just have a good time!




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