Eucharistic Adoration

Eucharistic Adoration is held here in our Parish at Our Lady’s Chapel every Thursday at 4:00 pm.  (One hour before the 5:00 pm Mass)

All parishioners are encouraged to come together in prayer before the Real Presence of God found in the exposed Blessed Sacrament.  Please be generous with your time and join the other faithful in experiencing Christ’s greatest gift given to the Church, the abiding presence of Jesus who desires to feed us, heal us, strengthen us and mold us into his own body.

-Fr. Thomas Otanga, O.C.D.



I guess by now you are probably wondering how well we did at this year’s Casino Nite. Well, wonder no longer! Thanks be to God and to all of you, we were blessed with a profit of $9,000!! Good job everyone!

I truly hope everyone had a good time and that you
plan on joining us again next year! We have some
changes in store, so stay tuned.
Also, we are looking for pictures from Casino Nite so if
anyone wishes to share them with us, please contact
me at (414) 801-7700. Thank you and have a
fantastic rest of the year!