Pastoral Council

Fr. Elijah Martin, O.C.D. photo

Fr. Elijah Martin, O.C.D.


414-383-3565, ext. 2

Sandy Kania photo

Sandy Kania


414-672-0364 (home)

Russell Miller photo

Russell Miller


Russ has been a Trustee of our parish community since 1995.  He is the mastermind behind all of our food related events.  He also coordinates many of the building and grounds projects of the parish.

414-671-2385 (home)
Susan Jens photo

Susan Jens

Pastoral Council Chairperson

414-328-4042 (home)

Lucy Karaba photo

Lucy Karaba


414-671-1888  (home)


Jan D’Amour photo

Jan D’Amour

414-469-7599 (home)

Catherine Gennrich photo

Catherine Gennrich

414-476-3760 (home)

Terri Hoffman photo

Terri Hoffman

414-702-1759 (cell)

414-257-0359 (home)


Bob Klabunde photo

Bob Klabunde

414-672-1399 (home)

414-204-9959 (cell)

Barb Tittelfitz photo

Barb Tittelfitz

414-702-6814 (cell)

Mary Costello photo

Mary Costello

414-383-0513 (home)