2021 Calendar Raffle Tickets Available from the Parish Office.

Our St. Florian 2021 Calendar Raffle Tickets are available now in the Parish Office through Thursday, December 31, 2020 during regular Parish Office hours.

Please stop in to purchase one or more or call to request to have some sent to you.

The price is $20.00 each.

Total Payout for the year is $2,200.00.

Drawings every Tuesday for $25.00 and 9 Special Drawings throughout the year for $100.00 each!

Tickets may be turned in or sent back to the Parish Office, where the drawings are held, to:

St. Florian Parish Office, 1210 South 45 Street, West Milwaukee, WI  53214-3614

Winning names will be posted in the Bulletin and on our website.

All winning tickets are re-entered after each drawing.

Winnings will be mailed to the address listed on the ticket stub.

Makes a great gift because it’s a gift that keeps on giving.